13 Nov 2014

Patterned tile floors

Patterned tile floors

The most popular choice when it comes to flooring material, is undoubtedly the tile. It’s durable, very easy to clean and it comes in so many shapes and sizes that can match any decor. It can be installed anywhere in the house, even if it’s more popular in bathrooms, kitchens and halls.

Their versatility makes them even more popular because more and more people prefer tiling instead of carpeting. What’s more, tiles can mimic other materials such as wood, marble or natural stone.

But in this article, we’ll praise the patterned tile floors, because their beauty and originality makes them true works of art. You can find them in old mediterranean residences, on Portuguese buildings and in Turkish mosques. It’s not a new trend, but it’s timeless and it can be effortlessly reinvented.

Think about the classic checkerboard tile. You can’t go wrong with it even if you tried. It can go in bathrooms, kitchens, halls, even living rooms.


If the checkerboard tile floor will give the room a vintage feel, a modern black and white pattern will cheer a perfectly aligned contemporary room.


A patterned floor will bring a splash of colour in the decor of a room. Just look how playful these rooms look:



We talked about the elegance of a patterned floor and this is what we were thinking about:


We also mentioned that tile can look very much like wood or marble. Those who prefer the warmth and the coziness that wood gives to a room, but cannot afford to install timber floors can cheat by tiling floors with ceramic tiles that mimic wood. Like these:



With so many options, just let your creativity play with them.