10 easy crafts with tiles

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 03 June, 2014.

You have just finished replacing the tiles in your bathroom and everything looks great. However, there are a few tiles left, some broken, and all the others that were on your walls before. There is no need to throw them away. If you like making things and are good with ... READ MORE

Bathroom cabinets – A Buyer’s Guide

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 27 May, 2014.

You might think that buying a bathroom cabinet is a relatively easy task, but given how many things need to be taken into account when purchasing one, you might find it is not as easy as you first thought. Bathroom cabinets can play a major role in the way your ... READ MORE

Radiant heating. What floors are suitable?

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 14 May, 2014.

Subfloor heating is - literally - ancient history. What’s becoming more and more popular today was actually used in the Neoglacial period. Of course, it was a rudimentary approach, but the principle survived the test of time. Subfloor heating/cooling, also known ... READ MORE

Types of pavement for your garden

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 30 April, 2014.

We have spent a lot of time discussing indoor tiling and hardwood flooring in our previous articles. Today, we are going to move the focus to the outside and we are going to talk a little bit about the pavement options for your garden. Beautifully paved paths, besides ... READ MORE

Home Renovation Incentive

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 18 April, 2014.

The Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) Scheme, which runs from 25 Oct 2013 and will be running until 31 Dec 2015, provides for tax relief for homeowners with an Income Tax credit at 13.5% of expenditure on repair and renovations, if qualifying. The main eligibility ... READ MORE

Humidifiers and laminate floors

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 11 April, 2014.

A humidifier adds moisture to the air in order to treat problems like dry skin/throat, nose irritation and even coughing. Since there are a lot of people using humidifiers these days, the question has been asked more and more frequently: Can a humidifier damage a ... READ MORE

Create the illusion of a bigger room with tiles

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 02 April, 2014.

If you have the luxury of a large space, choosing your tiles shouldn’t be a problem at all; however, if you are planning on remodeling a small bathroom for instance, you will have to be extra careful with what you choose. Tiles have the power of creating a space ... READ MORE

What’s the ideal flooring solution for people with allergies?

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 25 March, 2014.

Did you know more than 50% of the population has allergies of some sort? And did you know a large percentage of these is triggered by allergens found inside the house? Dust mites, mold, mildew animal dander - all of these have a huge potential to create allergies. If ... READ MORE

We answer your questions: “Why are my wall tiles falling off?”

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 18 March, 2014.

One of the advantages of being an Internet user is that you can Google pretty much anything and, if you can’t find what you are looking for, you can post the question and people will rush to give you answers. In the home improvement sector, there is a large number ... READ MORE

Natural cleaning products for your bathroom

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 12 March, 2014.

Tiled floors are both durable and very easy to maintain. While some people are tempted to use chemical solutions and detergents on a daily basis, to keep them clean and germ-free, for some types of floorings, these chemicals might do more harm than good over ... READ MORE