Having Fun With Wall Tiles

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 20 November, 2015.

With the right mindset decorating your home is one of the most enjoyable experiences a home owner can have. After moving in to a new home, personalising it to your unique tastes is one of the very first things people choose to do. What’s better than walking ... READ MORE

Wood Flooring Ideas For Your Home

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 18 November, 2015.

When many people think of what they desire most for their floors, hardwood oftentimes times to mind. Traditional styles like mahogany and oak are popular among many homeowners. Solid wood flooring is made of real wood, directly milled from a variety of trees. Hardwood ... READ MORE

Great Ideas for Kitchen Tiles

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 16 November, 2015.

Your kitchen needs a makeover; that much is apparent. So what can you do to help revive it and bring some style back into the room? Installing new kitchen tiles, both on the walls and on the floors, is a great way to create an expansive and impressive new look and ... READ MORE

Finding Floor Tiles in Ireland

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 12 November, 2015.

Your floors are perhaps some of the most underrated and the most important materials in your home. In Ireland, there are many options available for your home flooring. From romping and playing with your children, to exercising or walking on top of them in your bare ... READ MORE

Renovating Small Bathroom Suites

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 08 November, 2015.

With the limitations that size may bring to many design tables in Ireland, creating a fashionable and comfortable bathroom suite is often seen as a difficult task. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are renovating a small space. First, think of its use in ... READ MORE

Installing Designer Bathrooms in Ireland

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 30 October, 2015.

When you want to make a change in your home that will make an impact, both on your style and on the panache of your home, consider installing a new designer bathroom. Take the opportunity to try a unique approach to your design and make use of bold and fun colours. ... READ MORE

Ceramic Tiles Usage

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 27 October, 2015.

Ceramic tiles are extremely versatile and they are incredibly popular with many homeowners, commonly used in both bathrooms and kitchens. Ceramic tiles come in a wide variety of colours and designs, with a style to fit any kind of decor. They are also incredibly ... READ MORE

Bathroom Design Oversights to Avoid

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 21 October, 2015.

There are several things to keep in mind when you’re designing a new bathroom. It’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of the project, but a smart and well thought out plan will always go the distance. Floor space is commonly a challenge in Ireland, so ... READ MORE

Using Wall Tiles For a Bold Design

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 19 October, 2015.

Sometimes we want to make a bold statement in our home, by making a design choice that catches the eye with its extravagant style. Wall tiles can help you make that kind of bold choice. With many different styles of tile available, you can find the perfect design ... READ MORE

How to Use Porcelain Tiles

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 12 October, 2015.

If you are installing new tiles in your bathroom or kitchen, or you are trying to decide on the best type for your room, consider using porcelain tiles. They can be a complimentary option for these areas of your home. Porcelain is a popular choice for kitchen or ... READ MORE