Enjoy Semi Solid Floors from Kronotex This Winter

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At House of Tiles, we’re well known right the way across Dublin for providing a stunning range of affordable home improvement products. Whether talking about bathroom suites, wall tiles or bathroom cabinets, you’ll find a wide range of items from the ... READ MORE

An Incredible Range of Bathroom Tiles at House of Tiles

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No matter what time of year it is, you’ll always find an amazing selection of home improvement products to breathe new life into your property at House of Tiles. From bathroom suites to porcelain tiles to ceramic tiles, we’ve got something to meet every ... READ MORE

Get Space Saving Elegance With a GROHE Concealed Shower

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At House of Tiles tile shops located around Dublin, you’ll find a wide range of bathroom products that you can use to modernise this most important of rooms in the home. In addition to high quality bathroom suites, bathroom tiles and bathroom cabinets, we also do ... READ MORE

Delectable Sonia Scalene Bathroom Furniture From House of Tiles

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If you’re looking for a great option to breathe some life back into your tired bathroom, then Sonia Scalene Bathroom furniture available at House of Tiles might just be what you’re looking for. We’ve got many great bathroom suites and bathroom ... READ MORE

Introducing Attractive, Hard-Wearing Stromboli Tile

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 27 September, 2021.

If you’re looking for some floor tiles to breathe some life into your kitchen or bathroom, you could do a lot worse than consider using Stromboli tiles. Why? Because not only are they hard-wearing, but also designed to add a certain something to any design ... READ MORE

Cooper Range Tiles - A Fantastic Home Improvement Choice

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When you’re in the market for some great wall tiles to add some function and style to your home, then Cooper Range tiles represent a fantastic option to consider. In addition to adding a distinctive, eye-catching style, they’re super durable too, making ... READ MORE

A Comprehensive Range of Artificial Grass From House of Tiles

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Fauberg Tiles : The Look, Feel & Style of Real Wood Flooring

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If you like the idea of the warm and inviting aesthetic of real wood flooring, but don’t like the cost and effort of keeping it maintained, then you’ll love Fauberg Tiles. Unlike other types of wood-effect floor tiles, Fauberg products are actually ... READ MORE

Come to House of Tiles for All Your House Renovation Needs

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New: Chevron Tiles - Get Them While We Still Have Them!

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