27 Nov 2017

New Kitchen Tiles for Your New Home

New Kitchen Tiles for Your New Home When you first move into your new home, it can be an exciting time. After planning and talking about it for so long, relief is often the overwhelming emotion. Then, suddenly, inspiration hits and it’s time to do everything you planned after the first viewing. So have you thought about getting new tiles in the kitchen?

Why Choose Tiles? - Ultimately, there are several reasons to choose tiles for your kitchen including their appearance. These days, tiles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so they can be the best way to match up with appliances, worktops, and the general decor of the room. Whether you prefer cream, black, white, or blue, the different designs and patterns can also make your kitchen stand out.

After the appearance, we should also point out the way they make the room feel. When glossed, it makes the room look shiny and this keeps the ‘new’ feeling for longer. Once you add a kettle and toaster that match the same style, they inadvertently become accents to the design. With the glossy finish, this also keeps the room easy to clean. Just think about when your cooking spaghetti bolognese, it always seems to end up everywhere and so its great when your glossy finish essentially creates a dry-wipe kitchen.

Over the years, we, at the House of Tiles, have seen a variety of different kitchen combinations and we’d love to help you get started in your new home. Often, people rush into decisions after moving in and this can leave them open to regreting the style choices made later on. We appreciate that this is an important time as you look through porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, kitchen tiles, and every other tile available in tile shops sow e want you to take your time and let us advise you as and when you feel you need a little ‘expert’ input.

Offering aesthetics, function, and a look for your kitchen that you will enjoy over the longterm, kitchen tiles can look magnificent when done correctly so feel free to get in touch today!