18 Jul 2019

Natucer Manhattan Tiles - Affordable Elegance for Bathrooms and Kitchens Everywhere

Natucer Manhattan Tiles - Affordable Elegance for Bathrooms and Kitchens Everywhere

When you’re looking for a glossy, yet understated look for your kitchen or bathroom designs, you could do a whole lot worse than opt for Natucer Manhattan wall tiles. This extremely versatile option works equally well as kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles and can be installed either in a traditional horizontal pattern or in a uniquely interesting diagonal arrangement.

A Range of Beautiful Colours

Whatever bathroom cabinets or existing kitchen furniture you have in situ at your home, we have a Manhattan tile to suit, as they come in a range of beautiful hues and tones. Available in 11 gloss colours that range from black to brilliant white and in two varieties of matte, these modern porcelain tiles are able to be selected to perfectly match your existing decor.

Affordable Luxury

Manhattan tiles have an air of luxury about them, but the price they’re available at is anything but. At just € 47.72 per square meter, they fit well within the scope of even modest home improvement budgets. You’ll find lots of other examples of affordable luxury at House of Tiles tile shops around Dublin, which we’re able to offer thanks to the great relationships we have with the world’s biggest and brightest manufacturers.

Want to See More?

If you’d like to see our Manhattan tiles or any of our high-quality floor tiles, ceramic tiles or bathroom suites, the best way to do so is to pop into one of our tile shops dotted around Dublin. Alternatively, if time is short, many of our products are available to view on our website

For advice and guidance, our expert team is on hand and available by calling (01) 426 4881. They’re a knowledgeable bunch and will be able to help you with whatever you’d like to know.