23 Jan 2015

Make a statement with your backsplash

Make a statement with your backsplash Statement backsplashes are usually the stars of traditional kitchen, rather than modern ones. This doesn’t mean that if you’d love to have a picture-frame backsplash in your modern designed kitchen, you won’t be able to adapt it to this style. Statement backsplashes are usually a framed design above the cooker, to make it a focal point of your kitchen. Square, rectangular, even round, they are usually made of tiles, bordered by moulding. In this article, we’ll give you some examples of picture-framed backsplashes and you can see if you find them appealing. Very often, beautiful designs result from combining oddly shaped tiles. For example, your kitchen walls are tiled with rectangular or square tiles. But for the backsplash, to make it stand out, use penny tiles, hexagon tiles, mosaic tiles or pebbles. Of course, the colours must also be different, but in harmony with your entire kitchen colour palette. For example, in the photo below, the round penny tiles are complemented by the cabinet knobs in shape and the light pendant in colour. backsplash-penny-tiles Another option would be readymade decorative tiles that will work like a painting in relief. backsplash-decorative-tile-kitchen Speaking about painting, a very original idea is to frame a hand-painted mural. It can be whatever you want, just hire a talented friend to help make the backsplash an original. backsplash-hand-painted.mural Wall plaques are not only for the exterior, if you feel creative, bring one into your kitchen, surround it with tiles and frame it. You will have a really unusual focal point. backsplash-wall-plaque If you’re not into any of these ideas, why not use the same tile, but change the pattern. Instead of lining it horizontally, do it diagonally or vertically. Like this: backsplash-same-tiles Under the same category you can use different shapes and sizes of the same tiles, in the same colours. backsplash-same-tiles-pattern There you have it, 6 ideas for some unusual backsplashes.