8 Jan 2018

Kronotex Exquisit Plus Wood Floors

Kronotex Exquisit Plus Wood Floors Within the fashion world, they often say that a person’s look can be ruined by the shoes. In a home, it follows the same philosophy because the look of a home can be ruined by the wrong flooring. At House of Tiles, we’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands of people over the years. Recently, the Exquisit Plus range caught our eye and we’d love to share it with you here.

In the range, there are some beautiful natural wood styles from which to choose and they really add to the character of not only a room but a whole home. Often, we hear people say that all wood-style flooring looks the same but one look at this collection and it’s easy to see this isn't true. If we take the Harbour Oak and Montmelo Oak Creme as two options, they’re vastly different. However, they would both fit well into the right home.

In total, there are 22 different flooring options from light to dark, brown to white, and even some with a combination of the two. For example, the Grivola uses a mostly light flooring with a few dark slates scattered in between. With this in mind, you can really play with your options and see which would fit with your current decor, furniture, and tastes. While the darker shades would fit into a modern home, the lighter colours would allow you to go for a traditional style.

With Kronotex, you can also trust in a reliable manufacturer. While some flooring only stays gleaming for a while, Kronotex is a well-known brand in Switzerland and for good reason. As laminate flooring with a plank appearance, you won’t find the sheer amount of diversity you have with this Exquisite Plus range anywhere else.