18 Sep 2017

Kitchen and Living Tiles

Kitchen and Living Tiles

Over the years, the UK and Ireland has really switch on to using laminate flooring as well as tiles when it comes to kitchen and living room flooring. At House of Tiles, we’ve seen this transformation and now our range of tiles are more popular than ever before. For this reason, we now offer a wide selection of tiles depending on your needs. For example, the tiles you use in the kitchen are likely to be different to the ones you choose for living areas.

At House of Tiles, we offer an extensive range of products from ceramic to porcelain and everything in between. If you wanted a natural stone appearance in your modern-themed home, this won’t be an issue. With this in mind, why should you choose tiling in the first place?

Aesthetics - First and foremost, tiles allow you to match the rest of the room in terms of aesthetics. Regardless of your appliances, furniture, and decoration elsewhere, you’re sure to find a tiling option that really meets your needs.

Long Lasting – Next up, tiles are a good investment because ceramic and porcelain, the two most popular options, are durable materials. As long as they’re installed correctly and maintained thereafter, there’s no reason why your flooring shouldn’t last the test of time.


Easy to Clean – With glazed tiling, you can clean up spillages and pet accidents in a matter of seconds. Even with the most stubborn stains of all, you should still be able to clean up with some hot soapy water.

Healthy – Finally, something most people forget is that tiles will contribute to cleaner air quality because they contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

If you’re looking for tiles in Ireland, we can help at House of Tiles. As the name suggests, we carry everything including ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, bathroom tiles, wall tiles, and more. With tile shops and showrooms across Dublin and Ireland, why not get the process started and pay us a visit today?