27 Sep 2021

Introducing Attractive, Hard-Wearing Stromboli Tile

Introducing Attractive, Hard-Wearing Stromboli Tile

If you’re looking for some floor tiles to breathe some life into your kitchen or bathroom, you could do a lot worse than consider using Stromboli tiles. Why? Because not only are they hard-wearing, but also designed to add a certain something to any design they’re used with.

Available in a selection of different, equally attractive colours and hues, these porcelain tiles are ideal for anyone wanting to inject some sophistication and style into their home’s decor. Let’s take a look at a few examples of what we’re talking about.

Viridian Green

The first Stromboli floor tiles we look at are Viridian Green that offer a deeply luxurious colouring. Complementing a wide selection of kitchen and bathroom suites, they’re available at just €41.74 per square yard - now that’s great value!

Stromboli Plume

Or what about some Stromboli Plume kitchen tiles that provide a light and airy aesthetic that actually makes the room look bigger! Again available for only  €41.74 per square yard, they’re a popular option with our customers across Dublin.

Glassy Blue 

Then there’s our Glassy Blue ceramic tiles that are simply opulent and perfect for a wide range of kitchen and bathroom designs. Even this high-class option is available at the great price of €41.74 per square yard, so if you’re interested, you’d better order yours before they disappear!

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