30 Oct 2015

Installing Designer Bathrooms in Ireland

Installing Designer Bathrooms in Ireland When you want to make a change in your home that will make an impact, both on your style and on the panache of your home, consider installing a new designer bathroom. Take the opportunity to try a unique approach to your design and make use of bold and fun colours. Contemporary designs are some of the most popular choices for remodelling bathrooms, for taking on a more modern decor, but there are also many other ways to add some fresh and creative touches to the room.

Pop art inspiration can be a fun way to infuse your bathroom with louder design choices, using fun tile colours like lime greens and bright reds. You can paint your walls in stripes or in patterns for and interesting way to decorate the room with graphic style. If you are worried that such choices might be too loud in the room, you can offset the pops of colour with plain white furniture and fixtures. Pop style is also a combination of different materials and pieces, using glossy surfaces with different textures, for added eccentric touches.

You can also turn to a retro style design to be more creative, which is an eclectic mix of old and new styles. You can mix patterns from the 1970’s with second-hand furniture or decor from the 1950’s, for an interesting and unique style. Bathrooms do not always have to be safe and simple. You can play with different approaches to your design in order to make a designer bathroom that makes a chic and fun statement. 

For expert help in creating designer bathrooms Ireland residents will love, contact us at House of Tiles. With our large inventory of different designs options and many styles to give you inspiration, we can help you create the perfect new bathroom suite.