20 Sep 2019

Why You Should Choose Ceramic Tiles for Your Home Improvement Project

Why You Should Choose Ceramic Tiles for Your Home Improvement Project

If you’re looking for floor tiles or wall tiles to breathe new life into the decor of your home, you’ll likely have considered the question of which type of tiles would be the most suitable. And in that search, at some point, you will think about ceramic tiles and what they offer. Here we look at the prime reasons why ceramic kitchen tiles are a savvy, long-term investment.

Supremely Durable

The primary characteristic of ceramic kitchen or bathroom tiles - aside from their aesthetics - is their durability. They’re able to resist scratches, scrapes, stains and water because of the protective glaze they have on their exterior. Ceramic tiles are also resistant to humidity, meaning that they’re popular for use with bathroom suites all across Ireland.

Stunning Looks

As you’ll find if you visit any of the House of Tiles tiles shops in and around Dublin, there is a stunning range of ceramic tiles available that come in a wide array of styles, finishes and colours. This means that whatever kitchen or bathroom designs you’re working with, there will be a perfect option available from within our range and the tiles you buy will stay looking like new for as long as you need them to.

Want to See What We Mean?

We could wax lyrical about how great our ceramic and porcelain tiles are until we’re blue in the face, but if you truly want to get a sense of the quality and workmanship that has gone into creating them, you really need to pop in and see us in person. In our tile shops, you’ll find a vast selection of tiles displayed in a way that shows them in a near real-life setting.

Of course, many of us lead busy lives these days, so if you don’t have time to come and see us, you can also find lots of information on our website, as well as our complete online catalogue. If after looking through everything you have any questions, give us a call on (01) 426 4881 and we’ll do our very best to answer them for you.

Thanks for reading our blog. Check back with us soon for more from the home of affordable home improvements.