7 Oct 2014

Travertine, a natural stone for more sophisticated tastes

Travertine, a natural stone for more sophisticated tastes One of the most beautiful natural stones that will compliment any bathroom, kitchen, hall or porch is undeniably the travertine. Softer than marble and limestone, travertine comes in a more restraint range of colours. It’s also not a shiny tile, but its matteness gives it a certain kind of beauty and sophistication, the ‘Old World’ look. So where would you use it? In theory you can have it in anywhere in your home where you would normally install tiles. But humid environments are not that friendly to this natural stone because travertine is not easy to clean and is not as hard as other tiles. But this does not mean you can’t have it installed in the bathroom. On the contrary, it’s non slip and it can be sealed, if you choose to seal the exterior travertine, you should reapply it every year. There are two types of travertine: honed and tumbled. The latter is more rustic and ancient, but it is harder to maintain. Tumbled travertine has little holes in it, uneven edges and a rougher surface. If you opt for honed travertine, its surface will look and feel smooth and you won’t have to worry about dirt filling the little holes. The smooth look is obtained by filling the holes with epoxy resin and by honing it afterwards. This type is more suitable for floors, because it’s easier to clean and maintain. That travertine is very easy to install, this is because they have cut edges, which means they are perfectly cut and the only thing you have to do is cover the back with mortar and fix them on the wall or floor, without leaving a gap between tiles. While deciding if you should opt for travertine, just look at this gallery and maybe it will help you make up your mind quicker. In our showrooms you have so many choices when it comes to natural stones and we do have quite a variety of travertine options to choose from. travertine-floor-pool-001 travertine-floor-bathroom-001 travertine-fireplace-001 travertine-bathroom-001