3 Feb 2015

Tile accents in your bathroom

Tile accents in your bathroom With such an overwhelming amount of tile choices, it can be either easy or tough to make the right one. Shapes, sizes, materials, colours, prices, all these criteria can give you a headache if you’re not decided upon a certain type of tile. If your bathroom remodel is conditioned by a lower budget, but you wish to have a one of a kind tile design, read on. In this article we’ll give you some ideas that you can use as inspiration for your future renovation project and still stay on budget. Combine cheap tiles with more expensive ones Your mind is set on a beautiful tile that you saw in your local tile shop, but buying enough to cover all your bathroom is quite expensive. Don’t give it up. Combine it with a cheaper tile model and create an accent wall with the costly one. You can even tile only one of your bathroom walls, and cover the others in paint. accent-tile-paint Vertical insertions Should you decide to make your shower wall more interesting, buy cheaper tiles and add a vertical insertion with a more glamorous tile. We think it look pretty amazing with such a simple trick. Visually, it gives the impression of a continuous flow, which is in conformity with the idea of shower. accent-tile-vertical-insertion Horizontal stripe Of course it goes the other way around too. Same surprising effect, especially if it goes around the room. It works even if you’re into a more minimalist look. accent-tile-horizontal-stripe Powerful colour Is the design too boring? Give it a little colour to make a statement. It’s surprising, yet so bold. accent-tile-powerful-colour Create an abstract pattern Why not? It will draw the attention, create an impression and give personality to a boring bathroom. accent-tile-abstract-pattern