20 Mar 2015

Quilt-style tile wall

Quilt-style tile wall Quilting is back and it seriously en vogue these days, and it is to be recommended mainly because it’s a relaxing activity and because it’s so creative with such colourful results. If you like patchwork, maybe you could find inspiration in quilt-style tile patterns and decorate your house in a very original way. Your walls or floors can look like a Moroccan or Mediterranean interior with colourful and mismatched tiles. Basically, any place where you would install tiles lends itself to this pattern: a backsplash, a countertop, kitchen or bathroom floor, entryway, you name it. If everything else is symmetrical in your room, an asymmetrical quilt-style pattern will definitely create an impression. Quilting may look cluttered, but it isn’t if you choose wisely. All colours should match or compliment each other. Just buy same size square tiles and matching colours and you’ll end up with a beautiful accent decor item in your house. A pretty detail on a wall in your kitchen patchwork-kitchen A nice backsplash patchwork-backsplash patchwork-backsplash1 A lovely floor patchwork-floor If you’re more daring, try combining more colours and you can decorate your home with: A cheery kitchen backsplash patchwork-backsplash2 A lively floor patchwork-floor2 Wonderful stairs art patchwork-stairs What do you think? Would you go for it?