9 May 2016

Our Dublin Bathroom Updating Ideas

Our Dublin Bathroom Updating Ideas


Showers are going through some interesting updates. Some people are choosing aerators. These add air to the water to use less water but keep the pressure and feel of the water. Rain showers are a luxurious addition to your bathroom. Some of them even change colours. While this may seem frivolous, it serves a purpose. Blue light is supposed to wake you up, while red light is supposed to be relaxing.

Heat it Up

Heated floors are also very popular right now. You can set them to turn on at a certain time, so you can wake up to warm floors without having it on all the time.


Large tiles are very popular for bathrooms right now. Tiles that look like wood are also in vogue. If you would like to be more expressive, you can go with fabric covered tiles showing your favourite picture or piece of art. You can also get a mosaic to express your creative side. These go well with white walls and glass partitions.

Modernise your bathroom and enjoy one of the most useful rooms in your home. Add a touch of luxury and start or end your day in comfort.