23 Jun 2014

Newest trend: shabby chic bathrooms

Newest trend: shabby chic bathrooms

In a very peculiar way, nowadays modern trends mean an older look. The newest trend when it comes to home decor is the impression that time has left its mark on kitchens and bathrooms and the older they look, the more modern they are.

 The shabby chic style has been trending for some time, but in the last few years, more and more people have adopted it into their home design. From furniture to tiling and from accessories to colours, everything in a shabby chic room makes you feel like you’re traveling back in time. Cabinets and tables are made to look aged, and sometimes they really are old. Repainted, repurposed, refurbished - these are the words that best describe the look of a shabby chic kitchen or bathroom.

Usually, the material that dominates such a room is wood. The cabinets, the table and the chairs, even the floor are wooden. However, tiles are a more viable option in bathrooms given that they are more resistant to humidity and water. But for a shabby chic design, not all tiles are suitable. For example in the photos below, floor tiles are mosaic and the wall tiles are similar to subway tiles. All accessories in these bathrooms converge in a superb vintage design and no detail is left out.

hot1 hot2 In this bathroom design, on the other hand, vintage style is balanced by the elegance of the marbles on the floor and the tiled walls. hot3 This distressed cabinet looks fantastic surrounded by natural stone on the walls, even if the floor is wooden. hot4 We are think of a lovely Provence cottage when we look at this bathroom design. Everything in this decor seems affected by the passing of time. The gorgeous floor and wood tiles seem slightly distressed just like the cabinets. hot5 The modern vibe of this bathroom is complemented by the shabby chic cabinets and decor details, the two styles blending in a very genuine general aspect. Natural stone on the floor, marble on the countertop and mosaic tiles on the backsplash - great ideas. hot6