20 May 2015

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Mirror, mirror on the wall... Mirror tiles are not for everyone. There are people who like to see their reflection anywhere and everywhere and then there are people who simply can’t bear the idea. If you belong to the first category, then maybe these tiling ideas might interest you. There are a few combinations and types of mirror tiles to choose from that we believe work very well. For example, antique mirror tiles won’t reflect a clear image like a real mirror does, but they can really create a stunning effect.

Have you ever thought about a mirror backsplash in your kitchen? Well, others have thought about it and it has been done really well to great effect.
mirror-tiles6 For our tastes, this wall of mirror is a bit too much, but don’t mind us. mirror-tiles3 Mirror tiles in the bedroom? Of course, and it looks really glamorous. mirror-tiles4 And we absolutely love the look of this bathroom corner with slim elongated mirror tiles. mirror-tiles5