26 Nov 2015

How to Apply Tiles Outdoors

How to Apply Tiles Outdoors Many people in Ireland enjoy their time outdoors, and there are many reasons to use tiles in an outdoor living area, from patios to barbecue areas and outdoor lounging. One of the best materials to use is ceramic, offering an extremely versatile and durable option for use outdoors and the potential exposure to heavy weather and wear. Installing ceramic tiles over concrete helps to create a more inviting and stylish outdoor living space. With a little time and dedication, you can learn how to apply tiles and create a whole new kind of living space.

Start by preparing the concrete for installation by cleaning it and then allowing it to dry thoroughly. If there are any cracks or gaps, you will want to use a repair kit specifically made for concrete. Then make sure the area is level and seal the concrete with a proper sealer. If you do not follow this step and apply the tiles to an uneven area the tiles will eventually form cracks, ruining all your hard work.

Also be sure to plan out how you would like the tile to layout. Depending on the pattern and the look you want to achieve, you may have to cut several tiles to fit. Marking the concrete surface, and using chalk to draw out the lines of your pattern, beforehand can be extremely helpful in ensuring your tiles will all fit perfectly. This will also help you to know how many tiles you will need, and help you from overspending or not having enough.

After you have the layout planned, you will prepare the mortar and spread out the tiles with spacers, making sure to follow your desired pattern. When you are done laying them out, clean off the surface of the tiles and allow it to dry as needed. Then apply the grout to fill in the spaces between the tiles, using as much as needed, and be sure to sponge off the tiles again before allowing it to dry. Once it is set and totally dry, scrub the tiles clean, and use a sealer on the grout to prevent mildew. Then you can enjoy new tile floor in your outdoor space! Check out a local showroom in the Dublin area for ideas on what types of tiles to use.