13 Mar 2017

Bathroom wall tile trends in Ireland for 2017

Bathroom wall tile trends in Ireland for 2017

Selecting the right tiles to decorate your bathroom can be an exciting and at the same time difficult process. Not only are there are so many designs, patterns and colours to choose from but you want to make sure that you invest in the style and colour that you are still going to enjoy looking at a few years down the line.

To kick start the decision making process we have compiled a list of some of the most popular bathroom wall trends for 2017.


The geometric look isn’t for everyone, but if you are looking for nostalgic character, a unique finish and timeless style, invest in the geometric bathroom tile. An otherwise simple room can become very interesting with the use of patterned tiles which make a bold statement at the same time as creating a unique finish.

Matte Tiles

Powdery, soft matte finish bathroom tiles in a greige ( stone colour) or neutral colour are another popular design for 2017. You can use them for walls or flooring, and if you want to add a real really luxurious look to your bathroom use matte finish floor tiles that run into the shower or up the sides of your bathtub.


Over the last few years there has been a growth in bringing industrial and factory-esque elements into the home. Interior designers are rapidly adding the concrete tile to their list of favourites. With a range of different surface textures such as staggered multi-leveled shapes, and aerated surfaces, the plain, smooth concrete surface is not your only option.

Concrete doesn’t just appeal to our never ending love affair with the colour grey, but the polished smooth finish provides a glimpse of the raw material trend as well as providing a sleek industrial feel to your bathroom.