19 May 2015

A new look for your kitchen backsplash

A new look for your kitchen backsplash There is a whole range of materials you can use for a designing a great kitchen backsplash, but sometimes when there is no budget to invest in a kitchen renovation, or, at least, in new tiles for your backsplash, then what can you do when you are just tired of the same old look? Paint it! Yes, paint saves the day quickly and cheaply. You can paint everything in your kitchen from the walls to the kitchen furniture without spending a fortune. And because paint is so, so versatile, the design possibilities are endless. For example, to imitate tile patterns, you can use a stencil to create unique designs, or just keep it nice and simple and use a solid colour. But remember a patterned backsplash will create a focal point and add a little wow to your kitchen. paint-backsplash stencil-backsplash And if patterns are not your choice, then how about a written message, perhaps your favourite quote? Before you begin, choose a colour that will go with the other colours in your kitchen. Pay attention to furniture, appliances and accessories so that the general feel is harmonious. It’s up to you if you want to apply a contrasting colour or a complimentary one. From our experience, we prefer the contrasting effect. Look: contrasting-backsplash contrasting-backsplash2 The best part about painting your backsplash is that you can change is as often as you like. Should you decide to paint it, here are a few tips on how to paint ceramic tiles.