11 Apr 2014

Humidifiers and laminate floors

A humidifier adds moisture to the air in order to treat problems like dry skin/throat, nose irritation and even coughing. Since there are a lot of people using humidifiers these days, the question has been asked more and more frequently: Can a humidifier damage a laminate floor? This is a valid question since we are talking about laminate floors and moisture, elements that often don’t get along. The short answer would be “No”, but let us explain why and in what conditions: Laminated floors are coated with a protective layer which protects them from moisture’s effect. Humidity is known to cause the planks to expand, but, if installed correctly, they will be laid with gaps between them, to allow expansion and prevent buckling upward. A laminate floor will not be damaged by moisture if it is controlled. A high humidity may affect wood, but also the inhabitant’s health. Specialists recommend a humidity level between 50% and 60%. Actually, moisture could prove to be quite beneficial for laminate floors, as it keeps the laminate floors from becoming too dry. Dry floors are prone to cracking and they cause static electricity. Make sure you permanently monitor the humidity levels in your home. In some seasons, the air dryness can be compensated with an air humidifier, but in others, this device should not be used.