12 Oct 2015

How to Use Porcelain Tiles

How to Use Porcelain Tiles If you are installing new tiles in your bathroom or kitchen, or you are trying to decide on the best type for your room, consider using porcelain tiles. They can be a complimentary option for these areas of your home. Porcelain is a popular choice for kitchen or bathroom floors, as it is a dense and hard material with added water resistance, also making it great for areas with heavy traffic and possible splashes of water or moisture build-up.

It is also the perfect choice for your floors if you are considering installing in-floor heating, making the installation process seamless and easy, and your floors warm to the touch.

Similar to ceramic tiles, made with clay and hardened through baking, porcelain tiles are baked into an even harder material. With its greater resistance to stain and moisture, porcelain is the optimal choice for kitchens, bathrooms, or even outdoor swimming areas.

They also come in a seemingly endless variety of styles, colours, glazes, and much more! With modern design, you can create the illusion of natural stone, or even fabric or leather. Porcelain tiles can add a pop of design to an otherwise boring room, or it can be subtle and chic for a dose of sophistication.

If you do decide to use these versatile tiles, be sure to keep the porcelain nice and clean with these cleaning tips. If you are looking to purchase the chicest porcelain tiles for your new bathroom or kitchen, be sure to contact us at House of Tiles. With over 4 showrooms throughout Dublin and one in Bray, and a wide range of design options, we have the perfect style of porcelain tiles for your home!