2 Feb 2016

How to Preserve Wall Tiles

How to Preserve Wall Tiles If you have just put in new floor tiles or wall tiles, you should learn how to maintain them to make the most of your sparkling new look. Something as common as dirt can scratch the surface of many materials. It’s important to keep tiles looking clean and protected from potential damage. For some professional advise, contact your local tile experts in Dublin. Here are a few tips on how to preserve your wall tiles for many years to come:

Keep the tiles clean.
Wipe down wall tiles at least once a week, and even more often when the tiles are in areas such as above a cooking area with grease in close proximity. A simple and effective cleaning solution for grease is using distilled vinegar and warm water. Mop floors weekly as well, being sure to use softer cleaning solutions for more sensitive materials. It’s also good practise to clean the grout with some baking soda and water and a small brush.

Know the material.
Always be aware of the material of the tiles and the best ways to keep them protected, clean and sanitary. For example, the vinegar cleaning solution just mentioned is not good for sensitive materials like marble. The acidic solution can potentially erode the surface of the tiles. A simple mix of dish washing soap and water will work best for marble tiles.

Repair when needed.
When a tile is deeply scratched or broken, repairing it or replacing it is essential in order to keep the tiles looking like new. For some tiles, like porcelain or ceramic, you can try purchasing a scratch repair kit. You might also try using some toothpaste on a soft rag. If it is beyond repair, look into replacing it. It would also be wise to keep extra tiles handy for just this kind of occasion.