31 Jul 2013

How to choose the best sanitary ware for your bathroom

Although you may not consider the bathroom an important part of your house, why not transform it in a nice and functional space? For this, once you renovate, you need to choose the best sanitary ware.

All items you usually find in a bathroom are the bathtub, the shower, the sink and the toilet bowl have certain features that should be considered when deciding what to buy:

  • The colour – if you opt for a classic bathroom design, stick to white. If you are not very creative and you are not sure how to combine colours, white is a safe choice.
  • The comfort – invest in a high end bathtub and/or shower if you can afford it.  A nice comfortable bath can be the best thing you take after a hard day’s work and a shower with decent water pressure is a great way to get the day started.
  • The ease of cleaning – once you have all the sanitary ware items you need, you are the one that needs to keep them clean so may sure what you buy and install in your bathroom is something easy to clean. Also think about this when you are choosing your  wall tiles and floor tiles.
  • The size – if you have a spacious bathroom, take advantage of it and purchase a large and comfortable tub, but don’t try to squeeze a big one in a small bathroom, it will leave you with no space to move around.
  • The resistance – no matter how beautiful the sanitary ware is, it needs to be also resistant. i.e. this refers to the strength and toughness of the product. Research this before making any purchases so you don’t see your new basin or toilet chipped or cracked after just a few months.

Choose all your sanitaryware to match with your bathroom cabinets and your tiles and you will be well on your way to creating a nice and practical bathroom space.