6 Apr 2015

How to change the look of your bath?

How to change the look of your bath? Whether you are renovating your entire bathroom, or you only want to make some small decor changes, what do you think about tiling your bath. On the outside, of course. It’s cheaper than to replace it and it contributes to a more homogeneous design. Here is what we mean: tiled-bath tiled-bath2 But how do you do it? How do you tile a bath by yourself? First, you need to make sure you have the right tools to tackle the project. Then, you have to calculate how many tiles you need to cover all the areas you want tiled. Also, you should know that you cannot adhere tiles on the bath’s surface, because a plastic one is not solid enough. So you have to do a frame out of materials that will keep the tiles in place. That is, if your bathroom doesn’t already have a bath frame. Proceed applying the tiles just like on the wall. It’s quite a simple DIY project, so have no fear and it will change the look of your bathroom.