11 Nov 2020

High Quality Sonia Bathrooms for Dubliners from House of Tiles

High Quality Sonia Bathrooms for Dubliners from House of Tiles

When you go looking for the best bathroom suites around, it can be a little bamboozling, as there is so much choice available online. In addition to numerous suppliers, there are also many different manufacturers offering a range of different bathroom designs. We understand how confusing it can be.

The good news is that at House of Tiles, we seek out the very biggest and best names in home improvement products so that our customers can find them all in one convenient place. One such name in bathrooms is Sonia - the well-known Spanish bathroom designers. 

Sonia Bathrooms - Created In Pursuit of Excellence

The manufacturer that is Sonia has been creating beautiful bathroom products for over a quarter of a century and this experience can be seen in the sleek lines, space-saving bathroom cabinets and all the other bathroom accessories they create. It’s just one of the reasons they’re so popular with our customers.

Sonia offers a distinctively modern style and personality that will complement any existing bathroom decor. So, regardless of the bathroom tiles, and bathroom floor tiles you have in place already, there will be a Sonia choice to suit your needs perfectly.

Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Sonia is also a great manufacturer to choose if you want to add a little ‘BLING!’ to your bathroom, as they have a luxurious line of bathroom accessories. Partnering with Swarovski - another name associated with high-end luxury - they offer a range of eye-catching accessories for your bathroom that really grab the attention.

When creating the perfect bathrooms, the little details can really matter. Additions like the Swarovski Crystal S8 hand-soap dispenser really contribute to the look of your bathroom and illustrate just what we mean when we talk about injecting some ‘Pzaz’ into your bathroom decor.

Enhance Your Bathroom’s Appearance Today

So if you like the sound of enhancing your bathroom’s look and function with top-quality products like those offered by Sonia, why not take a look at the full range of options available on our website There you’ll also find out some of the many reasons why our customers see us as the number one choice for home improvement products.

That said, if you do have any questions for us, we are still available to take your calls on (01) 426 4881 and our team is ready and waiting to answer them for you. Thanks for reading, we’ll be back again soon with more hints, advice and tips from the home of quality home improvement products.