15 Apr 2015

Glass tiles backsplashes

Glass tiles backsplashes We’ve mentioned glass tiles a few times on our blog, but never dedicated an entire article to them so here are a few things to say about them to give you an idea of some of their features and  benefits. Glass tiles are suitable both for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. The main reasons you’d want to have them in your house is that they are cheaper than ceramic or porcelain tiles. Then, just as any type of glass comes in all the available colours, glass tiles do too, so there goes the argument that regular tiles are more versatile. You can even have patterns and textures on glass tiles as well, and all the shapes and sizes you’d like. Truth is, glass is so easy to model into anything you like that it makes it the perfect candidate for an eco-backsplash, which is easy to maintain and also recyclable. Not to mention that glass is the easiest surface to clean. There you have it, all the advantages of a glass tile backsplash. And a few examples for your inspiration. tile-backsplash tile-backsplash2 tile-backsplash3