23 Mar 2020

Want an Inexpensive Alternative to Real Wood Flooring? Then Try Wood Effect Tiles!

Want an Inexpensive Alternative to Real Wood Flooring? Then Try Wood Effect Tiles!

When you’re on the lookout for flooring that has both a warming effect and a durable finish, one of the obvious answers is real wood flooring. However, real wood is expensive to buy and to maintain, which is why so many people opt for wood effect floor tiles as a cheaper, but no less beautiful alternative.

Able to fit in nicely with a variety of different kitchen, living room and bathroom designs, wood effect tiles come in a variety of different colours and finishes too. That means that whether you have a traditional or contemporary look to your home, there is a wood effect tile to suit your needs.

Take a look here to see exactly what we mean.

Durable Beauty

The great thing about wood effect tiles is that they have the beauty and warmth of real wood flooring, as well as the durability of ceramic or porcelain tiles. This is especially helpful in the high traffic areas of your home which stay looking as new for years after they were installed. Just a regular clean is enough to keep them looking great with none of the expensive maintenance that comes along with owning real wood floors.

Still Helping Our Customers 

While the current Coronavirus crisis is in full swing, it’s being recommended that everyone stay at home and keep travel down to a minimum. However, at House of Tiles, we’re still open for business and taking orders and enquiries by phone. So, if you spot something from our online catalogue that you’d like, simply call us on (01) 426 4881 and we’ll deliver it directly to your door.

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