1 Nov 2018

Quality Quadrant Shower Doors for Stylish Bathrooms Across Ireland

Quality Quadrant Shower Doors for Stylish Bathrooms Across Ireland

At House of Tiles Ireland, we have a wide choice of high quality quadrant shower doors, suitable for modern and traditional bathroom suites everywhere. The choice we have in stock is so comprehensive that we’re certain that you’ll find one that fits your requirements. Many size requirements are catered for too at our tile shops littered around Dublin, with our doors ranging between 700mm and 1700mm in width and 1850mm and 1950mm in height.

Our quadrant doors are a popular choice for a number of reasons.

Efficient Use of Space

One of the most useful features of our quadrant shower doors are their curved design, which not only protrude much less into bathroom designs they’re used in, but offer much more space in which to move laterally. In a shower, this extra room makes all the difference to the showering experience.

Excellent for Odd Shaped Bathroom Designs

Small or oddly shaped bathroom layouts can cause all sorts of problems to your DIY bathroom renovation project. The flexible nature of quadrant shower doors, makes them perfect for making good use of the available room, providing more versatile options for where to put your toilet, basin and bathroom cabinets.

Easy to Clean

Conventional shower cubicles have at least 2 panes of glass in them, without even mentioning the doors. Whilst quadrant shower doors give the appearance of a much bigger surface area, there’s actually less glass to clean, which is good news as far as cleaning time needed.

Pop Down and See Us!

If you’d like to see our fantastic range of quadrant shower doors for yourself, you can do so by visiting one of our various tile shops dotted all around Dublin along with a store in Bray, Wicklow. Our team are on standby to help you find the perfect shower door for your project needs, as well as introducing you the massive range of wall tiles and laminate flooring we have in stock.

Alternatively, if you don’t have to the time to come and see us, why not visit us online at or give us a call now on 01 426 4881.

Thanks for reading our blog and we’ll see you again next time.