12 Nov 2015

Finding Floor Tiles in Ireland

Finding Floor Tiles in Ireland Your floors are perhaps some of the most underrated and the most important materials in your home. In Ireland, there are many options available for your home flooring. From romping and playing with your children, to exercising or walking on top of them in your bare feet, your floors require some care and attention.

Beyond keeping them clean, being mindful of the materials you use is also important. From carpets and rugs, to laminate and wood, to a wide variety of tiles, there are many materials you can use, and many ways to consider the best floors for every room. 

Carpets or rugs are a good choice for bedrooms for comfort, as well as when you have young children in the home. Laminate flooring is a good option for high traffic areas, such as dining rooms or entrance hallways. Though one of the most versatile and beneficial ways to design your floors is with tiles, with the endless possibilities they offer for your home. Porcelain is one of the most popular tile choices, especially for kitchen or bathroom floors, as it is a dense and hard material with moisture resistance, also making it great for areas with heavy wear and the presence of water or any moisture build-up. Porcelain is also a good value for the money without having to compromise on quality.

If you are looking to purchase the best floor tiles for your new bathroom or kitchen, be sure to contact us at House of Tiles. With over five showrooms and a wide range of floor tiles in Ireland, we surely have the perfect style for your home!