21 Mar 2018

Casale porcelain tiles from House of Tiles, Dublin

Casale porcelain tiles from House of Tiles, Dublin At House of Tiles Ireland, we have a stunning range of tiles for all sorts of purposes, whether it be to improve your kitchen, bathroom or hallway. At our showrooms located around Dublin, we have thousands of examples of exquisitely designed ceramic and porcelain tiles in a range of styles and finishes that will complement any contemporary or traditional aesthetic.

One such example of what we mean, is the Casale range of porcelain tiles that have a uniquely sleek and creative set of designs.

Made in the US

Casale are a stateside company, from Tampa Florida, that produce some of the most exquisite designs of wall tiles, kitchen tiles and floor tiles available on the market. This is why we stock their products, making them easily available to our customers in Ireland.

For example, right now, with and anti-slip R10 rating, Casale porcelain tiles are available at for just € 35.76 per m2 for 45cm x 45cm tiles that offer a clean mediterranean feel to any room they are used in. On top of being extremely good looking, porcelain tiles are hyper durable and barring any significant impact (which would have to be pretty hard to leave a mark), they will look just as good in 10 years, as they do the day they are installed.

We work with the leading suppliers, so that at our tile shops, you’ll get access to the very best tiles available, whether it is the modern elegance of the Casale range or any of the other ranges from top manufacturers around the world. We’d recommend that you come and see exactly what we mean for yourself.

We understand that not everyone can get over to see us, which is why we have a good example of our range of tiles available on our website If after looking through, you have any questions or if you simply need some advice on where best to invest your Euros, call one of our expert, friendly team on 01 426 4881 who’ll do everything they can to help you achieve your project goals.

We look forward to seeing your or taking your call soon!