15 Mar 2022

Add Some P’zaz! to Your Kitchen With Subway Bisland tiles

Add Some P’zaz! to Your Kitchen With Subway Bisland tiles

Hello again and welcome to the latest House of Tiles blog about the amazing products you’ll find at our various tile shops dotted around the Dublin area. From bathroom suites to wall tiles to kitchen tiles, we have something to suit every style, taste and budget, so it’s not hard to see why we’re always so busy!

Spring is almost upon us again and that means it time to start thinking about those home improvement jobs you’ve had planned. One particular area that can benefit the most from some renovation is one of the used rooms in the home - the kitchen. And kitchens adorned with Subway Bisland tiles look incredible!

A Unique & Distinctive Style

Reminiscent of the walls you see when entering an inner-city subway - hence the name - Subway Bisland tiles offer a unique and distinct look to any kitchen they’re installed in. So, let’s take a look at just a few of the Subway Bisland options available.

  • Subway Bisland Black kitchen wall tiles are simply gorgeous with a high gloss finish that makes your jaw drop! Suiting both traditional and modern homes, this is an option that literally transforms the look of your kitchen.

  • Subway Bisland Ivory may be a little more understated than their high gloss cousins, but they’re no less impressive. This cream/ivory look is one that lends itself perfectly to either a traditional country kitchen or a more modern style.

  • Subway Bisland Light Grey offers the benefits of both with its pastel-like colouring and high gloss finish. Perfect for many different types of kitchen setting and offering a style that makes the room look even bigger than it is, it’s a very popular choice.

Whichever option you choose - and this is just a small selection of the choices available - you’re assured of a new kitchen look you’ll be happy with. If you’re not sure about your design objectives, maybe have a chat with one of our experts for inspiration!

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