21 Jan 2016

Four Tips for Using Outdoor Floor Tiles

Four Tips for Using Outdoor Floor Tiles Do you have a big garden that you hardly ever use? Do you wish you spent more time outdoors with family and friends? Perhaps with some design and a little landscaping, you can change your backyard into a friendlier place for you and your guests. Flooring design experts in Ireland can advise homeowners on their best options for outdoor design, such as using outdoor floor tiles to help create a walkway or unique courtyard. If this is an option you would like to pursue, here are four tips to get you started in the process:

• First, take the local climate into consideration. When there is a lot of rain or harsh weather, these elements play a large part in selecting your outdoor tile. Ceramic and porcelain floor tiles, as well as natural stone and terracotta tiles, can be used as outdoor tile. However, not all of these materials can withstand all types of climates.

• In wetter locations, porcelain tiles may be the better choice, as the most durable option. Porcelain is also resistant to chips and scratches. It is quite dense, which is a key difference from ceramic tile. Porcelain tiles have a lower absorption rate and they are frost resistant.

It is best to choose a rough surface outdoor tile, rather than a smooth surface tile, for outdoor usage. This is more important in constantly wet environments, like we can have in Ireland even during the summer months when you expect to be outdoors more. For your safety, it is best to go with a “non-slip” tile for outdoors.

• There are different size outdoor tiles to choose from, as well as many different colours. Dark coloured tiles are a smart choice, because they can more easily hide any dirt and mud. There are many options, so choose your tile based on its functionality, as well as its ability to compliment the outside of your house.