10 Apr 2015

For the sake of verticality

For the sake of verticality By choosing an interesting layout of your tiles, you don’t need expensive or high-end tiles to obtain a fresh and beautiful look for either your bathroom or kitchen walls. People often tend to choose the most popular patterns - brickwork, straight lay or diagonal - because they are the simplest to install. And with so many passionate about DIY, other beautiful patterns are overlooked. In this article we talked about 5 interesting patterns, and here we detailed the herringbone. But these are not the only styles you can use to decorate your walls or floors. Have you thought to rotate your rectangular tiles (let’s say subway tiles) in the vertical position? If not, what do you think about this look? vertical-pattern It’s your regular ceramic tile installed vertically and look how beautiful and different it looks. The combination between the larger and thinner tile is perfectly continued with the wooden platform and similar verticality of the floor tiles in the shower area. vertical-pattern2 Oriented vertically, tiles will give the impression that the bathroom is taller, so if yours is in an attic or in an irregularly shaped space, you can create the visual impression of tallness with vertical tiles. vertical-pattern3 Moving in the kitchen area, tiles can be laid vertically for an unusual and unique looking backsplash. vertical-pattern-kitchen If you’re even more daring, how about bringing this decor into your living room? Natural stone tiles installed vertically for a graver look and a taller perception of the space. vertical-pattern-kitchen2