24 Apr 2015

What would you choose: dark or light tile floors?

What would you choose: dark or light tile floors? Regardless what you think you would prefer when it comes to choosing a tile floor colour when it comes to actually living with a selected tile colour, remember, what looks good is not always practical, so the first thing you should decide is what matters the most to you: looks or functionality. But before rejecting one or the other, let’s see what are the pros and cons of both of them. Black floors will always be elegant. White floors will always inspire openness and light. Black tiles will offer a great contrast with your kitchen or bathroom furniture and appliances and also with the colour of your walls. Should you choose pastel or colourful paints for your walls or furniture, what black tiles will do is emphasise them even more. But when it comes to maintenance, black floors can be a nightmare. From dust to spots, everything will be visible. So give it thought and if you’re prepare to mop every day, then do go with black tiles. They will look gorgeous in any decor. Look: black-tile-floors-kitchen black-tile-floors-kitchen2 black-tile-floors-kitchen3 black-tile-floors-bathroom As for going with white tiles on the kitchen or bathroom floor, you’ll have the same problem with the maintenance, because on white any little grain of dust will be visible. Not to mention stains, cracks, spots. But a white tile floor will make your room look bigger, airy and clean - exactly how a kitchen or a bathroom should be. white-tile-living-floor white-tile-kitchen-floor white-tile-bathroom-floor Both black and white tiles will mean more frequently work to keep your floors looking clean. Nonetheless, both choices look great.