9 Jul 2014

Crocodile wall tiles

Crocodile wall tiles

Animal print and textures seized the fashion world long ago and while they have been in and out of fashion, they have never become completely extinct. So really it was just a matter of time before they would find their way into interior design and eventually to be found in places where no one imagined they could be used. When it comes to sophisticated interior design, tiles that imitate a reptile’s skin might be one of the most genuine designs to get the wow factor. There a few people out there who might contemplate the idea of decorating their bathrooms or even kitchens with crocodile wall tiles, but those who have, have really achieved a new level of style. This unexpected texture might seem to be an unlikely choice for decorating your walls, but look at these pictures, and you really will change your mind:




People who love crocodile skin texture will most likely be intrigued by the thought of having crocodile wall tiles in their bathrooms. However, more audacious designers have presented interior designs where croc-like tiles were installed either in kitchens as backsplashes or even in the living room, around a fireplace, or in some home offices, to complete a wild animal pattern decor. What’s more, the crocodile tiles don’t necessarily need to be natural looking. Just like shoes, purses or wallets made of dyed authentic crocodile or alligator skin, imitating tiles can come in a variety of other colours. Red, white, blue or black wall tiles will most certainly create a focal point of the room they’re installed in. Combined with a proper bathroom suite, these tiles can give a room an exotic and refined air.