6 Sep 2021

Cooper Range Tiles - A Fantastic Home Improvement Choice

Cooper Range Tiles - A Fantastic Home Improvement Choice

When you’re in the market for some great wall tiles to add some function and style to your home, then Cooper Range tiles represent a fantastic option to consider. In addition to adding a distinctive, eye-catching style, they’re super durable too, making them ideal for busy kitchens and family bathrooms.

Perfect For Busy Kitchens

As a non-porous product, Cooper Range wall tiles are resistant to everything that you throw at them, so you’ve got no worries if you’re a messy cook! They’re impervious to stains too, so after a quick wipe down, they’ll look as they did the first day they were installed.

Ideal For Modern Bathrooms

Their resilience is also something that translates very well to wet rooms and bathroom suites, as mildew and mould isn’t able to build up and cause you problems. Even when the family has all had their bath and there’s built-up soap scum on the walls, all it takes is a quick wipe down to restore their look.

Available In a Choice of Colours

Their durability and easy maintenance are far from the only reasons why Cooper Range tiles should be in your thinking, as their aesthetic qualities are not to be sniffed at. Regardless of what your current home design is, there’s a colour option to suit!

Everything For All Your Home Improvement Needs

These wonderful porcelain tiles represent one of the many amazing products we stock for your home improvement projects and believe us when we say, we’ve got many, many more product lines for you to see.

All you have to do is pop into one of our tile shops around Dublin to see a wide selection of floor tiles, bathroom suites, kitchen tiles and much more besides. If you can’t get in to see us in person, however, you can find lots of products on our website

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