22 Oct 2014

Cleaning solutions for bathroom tiles

Tiles are not that hard to clean and there are plenty of solutions to make them sparkle again. However, there are some restrictions on the types of solutions to use when it comes to certain types of tiles and many people prefer to use non-chemical solutions to clean their house. In this article, we’ll give you some options and you can choose what best suits your tastes and needs.


The cheapest and most efficient solution when you need to remove stains. It works incredibly fast and its active ingredients will help you get rid of the most stubborn stains. It’s best if you combine vinegar with warm water and/or with dish soap. Spray it on the wall tiles and wipe them with paper towels. Don’t worry about the smell, leave your bathroom window open, and if you don’t have one leave the bathroom door open and the vent on and it will disappear in a few hours.

Baking soda

Baking soda is really great as a cleaning product and it’s amazing how many types of materials and stains it cleans. To remove stains with baking soda here is how to do it: combine it with water to create a paste. Before applying it with a sponge or a cloth on the tiles, wear rubber gloves for protection. Then rub the tiles gently to get rid of the stains. Rinse with warm water until the paste is completely washed away.


Bleach is good for both cleaning and for disinfecting surfaces. It’s perfect to clean your floor tiles with it, if combined only with warm water. Your wall tiles can also be cleaned with this solutions and your bathroom will sparkle and will be germ free. It can be applied with a soft brush or sprayed on the tiles, which should be wiped down with paper towels afterwards. If you prefer a chemical solution, the supermarket shelves are full of options.