24 Jan 2014

Childproofing your bathroom

It is one thing to decorate and accessorise a bathroom if you are living alone or your household has only adults and a completely different one if you have children. When children appear in your life, you should definitely consider childproofing your house. It won’t be long until the young one starts walking and, with his or her incredible curiosity, will touch anything that he or she finds interesting. The bathroom shouldn’t be an exception. Here are a few tips to make your bathroom a safe place for your children: 1. The door Under no circumstances should your child go in the bathroom without adult supervision. This adventure could prove to be a really dangerous one. Make sure you always close the door when you leave the bathroom and it would be a good idea to install hook-and-eye latch on the exterior. 2. Sharp objects and medication Keep tweezers, scissor, razors and any kind of medication out of reach. The best thing would be to keep them in high up cabinets or in cabinets you can lock. 3. The toilet It is a good idea to make sure the toilet lid is always closed, having a smart phone or a tablet popped into the toilet by a young child is not unheard of! You can also install a special lock to prevent lifting. 4. Plugged appliances Keep all hair dryers, curling irons and electric razors unplugged and out of reach. They are all very dangerous if they get in contact with water and some of them produce heat and can cause burns. 5. Hot water Make sure you set your hot water tap’s temperature so it isn’t too hot for when your children use it or if a small child can reach it.