19 Sep 2016

Ceramic Tiles For Designer Kitchens

Ceramic Tiles For Designer Kitchens

Designer kitchens are contemporary and bold. They stand out from the pack with a sophisticated style. Ceramic tiles are an integral part of many of these kitchens. Here are some of the best ceramic tiles for designer kitchens.


Calcutta Blanco gives the look of beautiful white marble without the cost. If you would like your kitchen to look luxurious, you can’t go wrong with this tile. Add a Calcutta Gris countertop and backsplash to complete this classic look.

Lord Perla

These large tiles are beautiful on the walls or your floor. You can choose between cream and gray, and you can add a complementary decor as well. This allows you many options when it comes to the look of the tile. A glossy finish looks beautiful on the floor, while the matte option is perfect for the walls. Add a striking countertop in a bold color to add contrast, and you have a beautiful designer kitchen.

Oxide Perla and Grafito

This is a great choice if you would like an original kitchen. Choose Oxide Grafito for the floors for a dark gray look. Oxide Perla blends with Decor Oxide for a beautiful contrasting wall tile. You can use it for a backsplash or your entire wall, depending on how bold you would like the look.


Royal Decor is a beautiful floral tile. It looks great as a kitchen backsplash. You can also use it as an accent tile with the Royal Range wall tiles. It will add a little beauty and elegance to your kitchen.