Installing Designer Bathrooms in Ireland

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 30 October, 2015.

When you want to make a change in your home that will make an impact, both on your style and on the panache of your home, consider installing a new designer bathroom. Take the opportunity to try a unique approach to your design and make use of bold and fun colours. ... READ MORE

Japanese Bathrooms - Elegance Supremacy

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 27 July, 2015.

In a modern or contemporary home or apartment, naturally, the bathroom needs to fit in the scenery. Today, a lot of people are opting for a minimalistic design, with sleek surfaces, large mirrors and glossy tiles, but if you want to be (a lot) more original, we ... READ MORE

Wetrooms, the simplest bathrooms

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 12 December, 2014.

For those who are not the type who enjoy long baths, but who love showers, wetrooms are a great idea, and an option really worth considering if you are renovating your bathroom. A wetroom is precisely what is says: a room that is almost always damp, because it’s ... READ MORE

3 Gorgeous kitchen backsplash ideas

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 26 November, 2014.

Besides protecting your walls from unpleasant food stains and being very easy to clean, backsplashes have the benefit of adding visual diversity to your kitchen. And even if the most common material used for this protection is the tile, there are many other ideas that ... READ MORE

Glitz up your bathroom

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 20 November, 2014.

Dream about living in luxury, owning a home cut out of magazines? Fancy furs on the floor, silverware and glamorous chandeliers, large mirrors and shiny accessories? You like to have all sorts of things around you that glitter? Good news: you can have that without ... READ MORE

A few things about ledgestone

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 29 October, 2014.

What is ledgestone? Also known as stacked stone, ledgestone is a type of natural stone tile used for walls, fireplaces or borders. It is made of all kinds of rectangular stripes of natural stone arranged uniformly on a mesh to form a veneer. The most common sizes for ... READ MORE

Using tiles in an archway

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 29 July, 2014.

An archway structure brings beauty and elegance to any building but take a look at the images below, tiling an archway can look amazing and take a building’s design to a whole new level: As you can see, archways don’t delimit only entryways or two ... READ MORE

Two types of floor, how to make the transition?

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 28 July, 2014.

Few people choose to have the same floor covering across their entire house, while most prefer to cover their floors with different types of materials. In some rooms wooden floors are the best option, in others, tiles are recommended. But these are not the only two ... READ MORE

Color coordination in your bathroom

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 04 June, 2014.

When you are planning your bathroom, there are so many things to be taken into consideration. What kind of bathroom suite would be best? Should you choose a tub or a shower? What kind of bathroom tiles should you purchase? And the list may continue. There are so many ... READ MORE

10 easy crafts with tiles

This entry was posted in Inspiration on 03 June, 2014.

You have just finished replacing the tiles in your bathroom and everything looks great. However, there are a few tiles left, some broken, and all the others that were on your walls before. There is no need to throw them away. If you like making things and are good with ... READ MORE