22 Jun 2017

Bifold Shower Door Advantages in Small Homes

Bifold Shower Door Advantages in Small Homes

If your home is on the small side, there are a number of things you can do to maximise the space that you do have. One such measure open you to in the bathroom, is a bi-fold shower door that are able to be used in shower enclosures and fully enclosed panels.


We know what you’re thinking….What’s a Bi-fold door?


Well, you might have worked it out already, given the name, but for clarity’s sake - a bi-fold door is one that is able to fold in on itself, using the hinge that holds the 2 parts of the partition together. Essentially, the mechanism is ideal for small spaces, as the clearance required during use is much smaller than a regular ‘single hinged’ shower door.


At Heatwise, we are all about making your home the best it can be and we offer the very best choice of bathroom products on the market. Creating more space for yourself in the bathroom, is always a great way to start improving how your home uses space and energy.


Safety Glass


Our range of bi-fold shower doors are created from toughened safety glass, which can be up to 8mm thick. During the course of its life, a shower door in a family house will be used many times a day, which is why they are rigorously tested, to ensure they are up to the job. Each and every one we sell gets the House of Tiles guarantee of quality and durability.


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