14 Jan 2016

Bathrooms in 2016 Ireland

Bathrooms in 2016 Ireland Our bathrooms are an extremely personal space. More than just for practical needs, we look to our bathroom as a place to escape and a private space to beautify and relax. For this reason, when it comes to bathrooms in 2016 Ireland, the latest design trends are accommodating ambiance more than simple functionality.

With this newer personal strategy in design, custom furniture, cabinetry, and lighting all work together to create the perfect ambiance for your style. Using things like designer faucets, larger rugs for bath mats, and other luxury features can help accent this effect.

With the seamless integration of key functional elements, bathrooms in 2016 will cater to the overall effect of the space. If you prefer industrial elements, this edgy bathroom design is on the rise. From using polished concrete floors on bathroom floors to adding stainless steel pendant lighting above the vanity, there are many ways to achieve this style. In order to keep a softer ambiance, introducing contrasting textures such as wood and plush bath mats can help to soften the look and add a cosy feeling to the room. Another way to add some cosiness is by introducing some plants to the room. Being a humid and consistently moist environment, many plants will thrive in this environment and they can add a feeling of comfort. Similarly, adding the touch of homemade items can create a personal ambiance in the room.

If you do not have an artistic inclination, you could install artisan tiles to achieve a unique effect. For more inspiration, check out your local showrooms in Dublin.