21 Oct 2015

Bathroom Design Oversights to Avoid

Bathroom Design Oversights to Avoid There are several things to keep in mind when you’re designing a new bathroom. It’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of the project, but a smart and well thought out plan will always go the distance. Floor space is commonly a challenge in Ireland, so smart design is essential. Repairing a mistake or changing something after the job is already done is an expensive fix, so be sure to think ahead and address the most important points before you begin.

Don’t let storage be an afterthought. You might not always think of finding a place for every little thing when you are designing. Still, as you spend time perusing the kind of tiling or bathroom sink you want to use, you should also think of how well the space will hold all of your bottles of hair care products, towels, and robes. Consider solutions like vanity units with under sink storage, adding shelving, or including a small wardrobe.

Remember that lighting is important. A dimly lit bathroom can make getting ready in the morning more difficult, and it can make the room look smaller and unwelcoming. Make use of natural light and think about installing a range of lighting, with options that allow you to use the best light for applying makeup or styling hair, as well as lighting to compliment relaxing in a bath.

Prevent a poorly ventilated bathroom. Without the proper air flow to prevent steam and condensation from building up, a mildew problem can easily occur. Be sure to think of the solution for this in your design, whether it is a window than can open or a vent and fan that can properly draw out the air.

Remember to use a bathroom design with the smartest solutions for your needs. If you live in Dublin, contact the experts at House of Tiles, or stop in one of our showrooms. We can help you design the bathroom suite of your dreams!