27 May 2014

Bathroom cabinets – A Buyer’s Guide

You might think that buying a bathroom cabinet is a relatively easy task, but given how many things need to be taken into account when purchasing one, you might find it is not as easy as you first thought.

Bathroom cabinets can play a major role in the way your bathroom looks, and in the space for storage it creates. So when buying a cabinet, take into consideration: 1. the space you have available for a cabinet in your bathroom. Don’t go shopping before having a plan, and without having first measured the space where you plan to put it, measure width wise, height wise and depth wise. This step is very important because ready-made cabinets are not always suitable for the design of your bathroom. 2. the budget you are planning to spend on a cabinet and on bathroom furniture. This is  important because prices vary depending on the materials of the bathroom units you choose.   3. the design. If you don’t have much storage space in your bathroom, consider a cabinet with good storage room. Do you want shelves or drawers? Do you want everything easy to see or hidden away? So before buying, decide what type of storage space you prefer. 4. the material. Bathrooms are high in humidity and can cause damage to furniture, so it is important your cabinet is made of water resistant material. Here at House of Tiles, we could talk in details about all the elements that are important when selecting a piece of bathroom furniture, but what we have discussed here are the more important aspects you should consider when buying a cabinet for your bathroom. There are a lot of tips and tricks we can help with so that you make the most suitable choice for your needs and in our showrooms you can view the full range of cabinets and bathroom furniture.