15 Jul 2015

Antique Hardwood Floors with New Wood

Antique Hardwood Floors with New Wood

We live paradoxical times, there is no secret here. We are not going to get into philosophy now, but we sure see a small paradox in the interior design industry as well: we love buying new stuff, but we go the extra length (and pay a lot more) for them to look old. So today we are going to look at how to get your new floors to look like old hardwood floors and create a shabby chic vintage look and all this without the without having to deal with the actual squeaks and creeks of a real old wood floor.

The question is: how can you make your new wood floors look old? Here are two recipes for different effects:
Vinegar & Steel Wool (Colour Effect)
Fill ¾ of a glass jar with vinegar and add a piece of steel wool inside. Leave it for a week, but shake the jar a few times every day. The steel wool will dissolve and you can even add some instant coffee granules to make the mixture darker. After you have the solution ready, all you have to do is apply it on the previously sanded wood.

Paint and Glue (Crackles Effect)
For the cracked floor effect, first, you need to paint the wood. Use any hue you like. Afterwards, apply a coat of school glue and, while this is still tacky, another layer of paint. The full crackle effect will be achieved in a few hours, after the glue and paint have dried.

Have you tried any other methods? Let us know!