26 Nov 2014

3 Gorgeous kitchen backsplash ideas

3 Gorgeous kitchen backsplash ideas Besides protecting your walls from unpleasant food stains and being very easy to clean, backsplashes have the benefit of adding visual diversity to your kitchen. And even if the most common material used for this protection is the tile, there are many other ideas that you can implement to create a-one-of-a-kind backsplash. However, not moving on too quickly, there are so many options of tiles backsplashes that you just have to use your creativity to get a great look, like these examples. backsplash-tiles-001 backsplash-tiles2-001 backsplash-tiles3-001 Now that we’ve made our point and highlighted the benefits of tile backsplashes - a great looking, easy to clean, wall protection - let us introduce to you other backsplash ideas that you may be tempted to try once you see how interesting and beautiful they are.

Chalkboard backsplash

Easy to clean, inexpensive and a great DIY project, chalkboard backsplash will offer you a powerful visual point and can bring to your kitchen a fun feeling. Just buy some chalkboard paint and search online for a guide to help you create something like this: backsplash-chalkboard-001

Glass backsplash

Again, easy to clean and pretty much versatile if you think that glass can come in many colours. If coloured glass might be too expensive, you can fix the colour problem by installing coloured LED lights for a great effect. Or you could just paint your wall and add a transparent sheet of glass. Another great idea is to use your glass backsplash as a message or bulletin board with two panes of glass between which you can insert recipes, messages or photos and personalise it the way you like it. And back to the idea of colour, if you want a certain colour, you can always insert a coloured sheet of paper between the two panes. backsplash-glass-001 backsplash-colored-glass-001 backsplash-photos-001

Wood backsplash

Wood will add a warm feeling to your kitchen. It’s natural, but not that easy to clean if it’s not properly sealed. It can stain with water, not to mention grease. But with proper sealant, you can have a gorgeous wooden backsplash like these ones: backsplash-wood-001 backsplash-wood2-001 backsplash-wood3-001