17 Oct 2014

10 things you should know before a bathroom makeover

Taking upon a bathroom remodel is exciting but can also be a little overwhelming. So many decisions to be made, and way too many options to choose from. We’re sure that you may have already made up your mind about how you want new your bathroom to look like, maybe you have already picked up the colours, the hardware, the sanitaryware, but still, there are some features that could make you change your mind. For example: 1. If you want an easy to clean floor, we recommend you go for porcelain tiles. Natural stone tiles are porous and if not sealed properly, they will most likely stain in a few years. 2. If you want non-slippery floors, textured, matte or sand-containing glazes tiles are the best options. Also mosaic tiles, because they’re small and adherent. 3. Replace wiring and increase the number of electrical sockets in your bathroom, especially if you live in an old house, where wires haven’t been changed since the house was built. Install multiple outlets so that you can use as many appliances as you want. 4. Install accessories at a comfortable height. There are no rules for where to put your towel rack, mirror or shelves in your bathroom. Make sure you make the right measurements according to your height so that everything is close at hand. 5. Decide if you want to install bathroom cabinets for your toiletries. If you don’t want to clutter your space with shower organisers, cabinets are the more elegant option to keep shampoos, lotions, masks and other cosmetics in reach. 6. Opt for a concealed tank toilet. It will make your bathroom look more spacious. 7. Choose your sink to suit your needs. The pedestal sink won’t give you storage space, but it looks beautiful. 8. Choose your countertops according to your lifestyle. For example, we recommend natural stone to vigilant homeowners who will seal it regularly, resin based countertops for seamless pieces or laminate for its affordable prices and stain resistance. 9. Install light fixtures so that the amount of light is sufficient in all corners of your bathroom. Ideally it would be to flank your mirror with fixtures placed at eye level. 10. To save space and to avoid eyesore radiators, install underfloor heating. It will keep your floors warm and dry. A good idea would be to include a heated towel rack. Our special offer for October is a full bathroom makeover at only €2,990 and it includes both wall and floor tiles, borders and decors, shower with tray or, if you prefer, bath option. Toilet, basin, pedestal, mirror and accessory set are also part of the offer. As well as delivery and fitting in Dublin. Request a quote.