26 Oct 2017

Pros and Cons of Replacing My Bath with a Walk-In Shower

If you’re thinking about getting rid of your bath completely to have it replaced with a shower, there are a few things we ask people to
considerations before they make a final decision. When deciding something like this, you need to know the pros and cons so you can consider it carefully and make sure you don’t end up regretting this decision at a later date.


• In most bathrooms, a walk-in shower will allow you to free up some space. If you’re living in an apartment and feel limited currently with the bath taking up a large section of the bathroom, and so by installing a walk-in shower you will be left with more free space. Suddenly, the room is less cramped and it allows you to relax a little more.

• If you don’t currently have a shower at all, then its worth thinking about, not only do showers use less water and therefore cost less money, it’s also quicker for you to come home after a busy day and shower before leaving the house again.

• Also, when its a shower v’s bath situation, there is a point to be made about decor because showers offer more variety when it comes to shapes, finishes, sizes, etc.


• If you lose the bath, you remove the opportunity to just lie there and soak after a busy week. While showers can help you to relax, they can’t compete with a bath where you can take the weight from your feet, close your eyes, and let the world disappear.

• If you have kids, baths are almost a necessity as well as being fun and providing an opportunity to enjoy some family time.

• Finally, losing the bath could make it harder to sell your home if this is something you’re considering. For families, they might avoid your home with no bath for the same reasons listed previously.